So you want to know a little about me? Yikes! I hate this bit, but here goes...
I am currently based in the North East of England. I shoot love stories and life stories all over the UK and beyond these shores too.  My story-telling style is natural and expressive. I look for the fleeting moods and moments that tell the real story without too much intrusion or direction from me. I mean, I might move you into some good light or something, or make some suggestions to make some really cute couple photographs if you'd like me to, but generally I like to document what I observe. I promise I won't boss your guests around. My couples often tell me that for parts of the day they forgot I was there. I take that as a complement.  I've been shooting professionally since 2009 and set up my own business in 2012.

I have a small studio in Newcastle which I rent from a most amazing wedding florist, Floral Quarter Weddings.
More?  I worked in the rock department of an indie record store when I left school and then I took a BA in Art and Film History and worked in galleries and museums for a while before moving into arts project management. Eventually I decided I wanted to stop facilitating other creatives and be a creative myself. I know its a cliche but I really have loved photography since I was a child.  I have box upon box of photographs and file upon file of negatives.  So I took a photography degree just t0 make sure I knew my digital shit.  And here I am.
 Even more? Okaaaayyy... I like the sea, trees and flowers, the weather, black and white films, Nordic Noir, and travelling on trains and planes.  I try to be very eco-aware in my business and my life in general so I do a lot less travelling on aforementioned planes than I used to. I have two grown-up daughters, and the sweetest dog in the world.  I'm half-Norwegian and a quarter Irish. Nick Cave is my personal god and I think Amanda Palmer and Patti Smith are amazing role models for our daughters. 

My personality type is 'The Mediator' INFP-T

I also run a second small business as a botanical tile caster and I can preserve wedding flowers. Feel free to ask me about that.
That's all folks!

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