You say you only document what you observe. Do you do group shots?

Yes! Of course I do! I do think it is super important to get a few of these. For future generations to look at as much as anything else. However, I do recommend these are limited in number and I can make suggestions for groups.  These shots can eat so much time up, trust me, time when you could just be enjoying and savouring every minute of the day mingling with your loved ones.
Are you insured?

Too bloody right I am! And you should absolutely ask that of any wedding photographer you are considering hiring.  I have back-up kit, also in case of technical failure. Ask that question too!

Describe your style of photography?
Well personally, I love black and white and contemplative, moodier, shots, but I'm not going to turn your wedding into something its not! If your wedding is all about colour and being bright then I will shoot in such a way to capture all of the colours and the brightness. I am primarily a natural light photographer. I do have lights which I will bring out for any challenging low light situations.

How many photographs will I get?

That completely depends on things like the size of your wedding, the number of guests, how long you have booked me for etc. A full day wedding tends to be around the 500 mark but, if you have lots going on, it can be much more than that.

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